Resolution to Just Try

Dear loved ones,
We start this New Year with high hopes of doing better than the last one, and this is good.  Some are determined and do not give up, others will fizz out once the incentive leaves their ambition, both these paths are good.  We think ‘success’ is the only good path, but no one has ever failed by trying.  For we receive so much by trying, you know.  We learn what does and does not work, we learn what we have tried, and what not to try next time, and we learn that though we did not finish what we had started, that next time we have the energy to try, we take another path. 
New Year’s resolutions are good for they get us to think of what we believe will make us happier.  Believing in happiness is the key here, for most have learned how to survive without happiness for so long that it seems more the norm than actually feeling joy in our daily lives.  So when we review the past year and know we no longer want, we desire more in the next year.  We do this because deep inside we know we are supposed to be happy.  We know there is more to this life than living to survive.  We know we have options, and yet we do the same thing that cuts off those options because we are afraid to change. 
So we say, try dear one, for there is no failure and any little step you take is one step closer to success.
~ RoseAngel

Not Living Your Best Life?

Dear one, we ask you why do you not live your best life?  Why do you accept even a minute of boredom, or allow your life to be monotone?  Are you having fun?  If you answer no, and we are sure you have many, many excuses why, we say you are wasting this gift of life.  You are not accepting the fact that you may have anything you desire. 

We know the reasons you give yourself, and how you keep referring back to past experiences, or what you believe of others around you.  You say, “To have fun you must first have money, and I do not have enough money to have the fun I want.”  We say this is true, for this is your belief, and you always attract your beliefs. 

What we want is for you to believe differently, to take the steps toward happiness, so you may see the doors opening.  For you to decide what feels good, and do all there is to do to accept this into your life.

We know these are only words to you, and that this whole ‘believe and you shall receive’ idea feels like nonsense, but have you tried?  Have you taken even the smallest of steps toward change?  For it is a vicious circle this ‘not believing, therefore not trying’ saga.  A vicious circle you have selected, you know.

This being said, we ask you to think of something you would very much enjoy, and make it big, choose something impossible, and then see yourself doing this, feel the enjoyment of the moment in this dream of yours.  Do not listen to the ideas of doubt that come up, for you think they are there to protect you, though they are your fears of the past, which have kept you from trying all along.

Understand dear one that feeling good in a day dream, creates energy which attracts more of these same feelings.  Understand that feeling good, even if it is in your mind, is better than feeling bad that you do not have the life you so desire. 

We say, always, always, always choose feeling good, and see how the doors open to the opportunities of the next step closer to achieving that which you desire.

~ RoseAngel

But How Long Do I Pay For My Bad Karma?

You fear your outcome because you believe you have been bad, but we want you to know that the only person you can be bad to is yourself.  And we are sure you agree that you have paid the price for your own actions.

People like to believe in punishment, for at some level it justifies the mistakes which have been made.  We do not see it that way, for we love you unconditionally, and know you have a good heart.   You see, if you did not have a good heart you would not feel sorrow, and most these days sorrow is all you feel.

We ask you to quit punishing yourself, for the bad karma you believe in is just that – self punishment.  You are ready to start over, though your belief in bad keeps you from the new start you desire.

We want you to know we are with you every step of the way, cheering you on, believing in you, knowing you have much good to give to this world during your life time… and we want you to do the same.

There is no karma for those who believe in themselves, though you don’t, do you?  You believe in failure and not success, you believe in punishment and not rewards, and so this is what you bring into your life. 

Change the way you think of yourself, believe anything is possible, know that you are a precious child of this universe – for that in itself prove you deserve better!

Mistakes have been made, punishment has been experienced, and it is now time to move on.  Accept only good in your life, for you have paid off your bad debt karma, and it is time to create the good karma you deserve!

~ RoseAngel

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Relationships are different to everyone, some are happy, some are sad, some are confusing, some or terrifying, and on, and on.  We love to be with others, even when we think we want to just be left alone, for we came here to co-create our stories, you know.  

So, why does it seem so hard to get what we want out of a relationship?  The first sign should be why are trying to get something out of it, instead of experiencing it for what it is?  You see, when you try to control how others act/react, then you are in the middle of a messy situation, for we cannot change anyone other than ourselves.

Why do we as humans think changing others is the solution?  More than not, we go after the other to change, usually blaming them for our pain.  We think, if you love me, why do you hurt me?   And we ask, why are you with someone who hurts?  For the answer is not always their doing, you know.  

It is so much easier to blame them, because then you dear one have no reason to change.  For when you realize the problem lies within you, then you have work to do to be happy.  But when the problem lies within them, then you get to be the victim. 

We know love is strong, and you fear you will never meet someone like them again, so you do not want to lose them.  But we say, if you are unhappy, why do you want to be with someone that brings unhappiness?  Why do you think you cannot find someone better, when they do not match your wants and needs? 

When you think about it, and figure out what (fear) is keeping you in a relationship where you are not satisfied, it makes more sense.  For it always comes down to the Scale of Need.  You believe you need something from this person, which is more important than your own happiness.  It may be the fear of being alone, or your belief you need their financial support.  But we say, when it come to the fear of lack of anything, that these are excuses that keep you from finding the real you.  For there is no lack, there is just fear. 

It has been said that you never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.  This is true dear one; for it is the fear of the unknown that blocks you from seeing your true potential.

~ RoseAngel

Why do I fear doing something I know will benefit my life?

Dear one, we do not fear that which we know will benefit our lives, we fear change, we fear what others will think, we fear making mistakes, and we fear trying and not getting the results we want.  This being said, why fear the unknown, for it is the fear that gets in the way of knowing. 

So what if you do not succeed?  Do you feel that is the end?  “I tried, I really did, and it did not work… oh woe is me!”  That is not how it works at all, for when something does not turn out the way you planned, it was given to you to learn from.  You now know what did not work, so you can try the next idea.  You see, it is in the giving up that you lose, for the gift of experience of what works and what does not is why you are here.