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I’ve been spiritually guided to help those who are asking.
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Finding the Path to Healing

People fear health issues, for it is the one thing they believe is out of their control.  They feel victims to what the body manifests in the form of dis-eases. […]

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Achieving What is Wanted

We are here together to celebrate life, though most of us are just accepting, surviving, or tolerating our existence you know.  We are given many choices, but in order to[…]

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Resolution to Just Try

Dear loved ones,We start this New Year with high hopes of doing better than the last one, and this is good.  Some are determined and do not give up, others[…]

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Our Angels are always there, waiting to give us guidance through the trials of life. Through the process of Automatic Writing, RoseAngel can receive this knowledge to help guide you to the answers you seek. 

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Follow Your Heart, for it Always Leads you Home

Follow Your Heart, For It Always Leads You Home is filled with short, powerful guidance from your angels. Know that when you are feeling lost and seeking direction, or just searching for confirmation, this inspirational book will help you do just that. Each uplifting passage will give you valuable insight into overcoming life’s battles, revealing how simple and joyous living is supposed to be. For the angels have a way of pointing you back to what was in your heart this entire time, and allowing you to feel at home once again.

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RoseAngel Book Reviews

Check out what these readers have to say about RoseAngel’s new book,
“Follow your Heart, for it Always Leads you Home.”

Fabulous little book!! Little in the sense that it’s not a ton of pages, but it’s not quantity here that counts, it’s quality, of which I prefer the latter.

It’s direct and to the point and enlightening at those moments in time when you are looking for clarity and direction. A great addition to any library     ❤️❤️❤️

Jessie Morales

The message really gets in touch with your feelings and gives you the exact guidance you need at the time, it’s inspiring and insightful and for me, it’s a very comforting reminder that we are not alone. I can not express enough how helpful this book has been to me.

Brandi G.

I absolutely loved this book. From cover to cover it has amazing guidance and insights into issues to help you see problems in your life through a different perspective. When I have a problem, I will flip through the pages and pick one reading at random and somehow I am always guided to one that gives me the guidance I need. Buy a copy now!

Matt Reaves

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