I would like to talk about appreciation…

I would like to talk about appreciation.  Wow, what a feeling it is to sit in pure appreciation of life.  To see what we take for granted and to thank the Universe for having it.  Then there is seeing the other side of what we feel we are lacking.   Seeing the situation as healed and appreciating that.  We all have the ability to change what we think is “wrong” in life. 

We can not dwell on the “wrong” and start to believe it can be “right” again. 

Then there are the really bad situations that we go through in life.  My experience shows that the worst it is, the greater the life change becomes and the value of the overall experience is always worthy in the long run.

Appreciate the Little Things

Appreciation is so powerful it can literally change your life.  When you see what is good in your life, this directs you to more of the same.  When you see what is wrong in your life – well, it is depressing, isn’t it?  Which would you rather choose?  Some would say that this is just denying the facts but we say this is choosing the outcome. 

It makes sense when you think about it, what you believe in, is where your focus is upon.  If you believe something, you are looking for it to happen, you notice things that are similar, it is in your attention and you will become aware of which path leads you toward your belief.  If you believe that you will not receive something, maybe because your parents never had it, or you feel you  are not good enough, or you think good things like that just don’t happen to people like you, well then when something better becomes part of your experience, you will not move toward it for you feel you are not worthy.

So we ask you to appreciate the little things and do not give your attention to the problems.  Little by little you will start to notice more good things and you will see that your life is not all bad.  You will look forward to what good you do have and before you know it you will attract more and more happy experiences to you.  For you will understand how to accept more good in your life and you will no longer feel that bad things happen by chance.

Appreciation… Why does it work?

Appreciation- What is it all about?  How does it work?  Why would it work?  Seriously, how can it be that simple?  These questions are often associated with the thoughts of appreciation making a difference in people’s lives.  We are here to explain why.  We are attraction people, meaning what we do, think and believe attracts more of that to our experiences.  It’s all about energy.  Scientifically it has been proven that everything is energy so why is this so hard to believe?  Energy moves toward more energy like itself. So, put it all together and it is clear, where we put our energy attracts more of the same.

If you focus on appreciation, then what you appreciate in life will multiply, it is law.  If you focus on the lack in your life, by the same law, your lack will multiply.  This being said… What do you want to put you energy toward?