Be Happy New Year

New year, new month, new day, and we all say Happy New Year!  We make resolutions, decide upon changes, and see ourselves as healed by the end of the year.  This, dear one, is not bad for when we see ourselves as healed, be it finances, body issues, relationships, and so on, it is always in your best interest.  We would wish these were your actions year round, for that which you see, think, and believe, is what is attracted in life.

We hear wishing it were that simple.  And we say it is simple, but not always easy, for you are changing habits and beliefs that you have held for years.  This being said, we ask you to start paying attention to your beliefs.  Do they serve you?  Is this what is wanted in your life?  If not, take the steps to rewrite it to that which is wanted. 

We know you like to think of what bothers you, as if you will figure out how to change it if you repeat it again and again.  You like to tell others of how someone has done you wrong, so they take your side, confirming you are the victim here. 

All the complaints about lack of money, body pains, not having a partner or how your partner did you wrong, these situations may be true in the moment, but dwelling on them will never solve them.  For you cannot complain about what is wrong, and see what is right.  The mind cannot think two contradicting thoughts at the same time, so we advise you to pick and choose that which is wanted.  Focusing on what is wanted will allow the solution to appear, and the next step to start to make sense.

Start off small, dear ones, and think thoughts which make you happy.  Learn to feel good by imagining that which is wanted.  When you feel life is difficult, make up a path that feels better.  For once you believe a change is possible, the next step to creating it will be clear. 

~ RoseAngel

Heal Thyself

We say there are simple steps to heal thyself, and as a reminder the number one step is to believe.  When you are treating a symptom, you believe the symptom is bad; therefore you are treating it from a negative standpoint.  We say, nothing good comes from multiplying the energy of that which is believed to be bad.  Instead, we say see the disease as that which is an effect of wanting change.  And it has come to fruition to help you in your path of changing.

We fear pain, we fear suffering, we fear the unknown, and ultimately we fear death.  These fears will never show you the path to healing.  For healing is the belief of health, so why do we choose the path that takes us away from that which we want to achieve?

This being said, when you are ready to heal first believe in its possibility, which means you can see yourself as healed.  It is then necessary to be open to the next step, for belief without actions is also fear.  We ask you to understand, the next step may not be that which most believe is the most effective action… and this is why your belief, or faith must be solid in order to not bow down to what others fears guide you to do.

What Are You Thinking!?!

Where are you right now?  Are you happy?  Are you wanting for more?  We ask this because your state of mind is a result of what you are believing.  So many do not understand this so we will explain.

We are what we think but it is even more than that for sometimes we think things we really do not believe.  So we are what we think and truly believe.  We are given the choice to make our lives what we desire, this was agreed upon before we came to this planet, you know.  The problem with most is that they do not even realize that they are desiring to not achieve what they think they want.

We want the perfect relationship, we want lots of money, we want great health and a desirable body… so we think.  If your relationship, finances and physical appearance are not what you thought they should be, then think again (literally) for your inner beliefs did create the state you are in and they can create a change.

Listen to those inner voices when you see others who have what you want for this is what your beliefs are saying to you.  Do you think that the loving couple are fools or that rich people are evil or that perfect body must be a result of cosmetic surgery?  Change those beliefs!  See those (lucky) ones and be truly happy for them for you KNOW you also will have this.

The truth is, what we really believe we have no other choice but to create.  For what we focus on with belief is what we will see evidence of.  What we see evidence of is what will draw us toward it.  What we are drawn toward is what we accept as the truth.  Which means what we believe we will achieve.

Try it, maybe with something small.  Be happy that it is coming to you.  When you think of it, be excited that you will have it.  When you notice the lack of it, let it go for you KNOW this is just temporary.  Be sure in your heart that it will come to you in the perfect moment and that there is no other outcome.  Be happy and excited at its future arrival.  Trust as you know it is on its way.  Let no other thoughts change your mind for you are definite in your knowing it is for you.  Then just sit back and allow it to come and we promise it is on its way.

Ask and Walk Away

Dear ones, we hear your requests and desires and we say, why do you ask again (and again) for in doing so you show you do not believe in their outcome.

Once you choose to create or change what is no longer wanted, we ask that you put in your request knowing it is taken care of and then walk away for you know it is on its way.

When you find yourself praying or asking the universe for the same things again and again, we know you are not ready to receive.  And in doing so, you actually push away what is desired for your pain of not receiving is equivalent to belief that it is not coming.  For who is sad about asking for something other than those who know it is lacking?  AND your belief in lack creates more lack.

We say, believe it is on its way and walk away for there is no need to want something that is coming to you.

The Circle of Life

Dear ones, we have been guiding you to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings for this is the direction your life will move toward and most of you understand this and some of you do not but still work on thinking positive and we say this works well for being positive creates more positive moments in life.

Now the confusion sets in when you know how you want to think and believe and you find yourself in life situations that seem to all move toward pain and frustration.  It is easy to forget that by being sad or angry that you are creating more of the same.  When this happens it tends to become more overwhelming for your beliefs are supporting more of the same.  And you do not understand why so many upsetting things tend to all happen at once, and we say dear one, this is your choice.  By choosing to be upset, angry or sad (even though the life situation mirrors these emotions), you are creating more of the same.  The universe works to give you what you believe so if you are not happy with what you are creating, we say change it.

We know this does take much effort on your part for you are not in the mood to ‘be happy’ when life is dishing out such sad events but again, remember it is all about choice.   We ask you to stop, breathe deeply and release your breath slowly… accept the calmness and remember what is good in life.  There is always good in life no matter how sad things are but it is up to you to focus on them.  It could be as simple as a sunny day, a hot shower, a roof over your head or your favorite pair of shoes.  Simple, we know but things that may make you happy.

Understand dear ones, you always have choice and what you choose to focus on is everything.