Does This Feel Good?

Hello dear ones, how do you feel?  Do you know how important the answer to this question is?  How you feel is an indication of what your life is creating, you know.

Many of you do not understand or believe this, we know but it is true.  You see, what you believe in life is what you focus on and what you focus on is what you are drawn to and what you are drawn to is what you see to be the truth and how can you create something you do not believe to be true?

The problem most have is that they have been drawn to believing that they can not have or they do not deserve or even that so many desires are just out of their reach.  And we say, no!  There is nothing you can not have or do, you know.  The life inside of you is capable of creating anything the person desires.

Think about what you want, feel it to be true, do not doubt for a moment (for you will lose your connection to it) and then just understand it is on its way.  No worries for you know it is happening.

Once you can do this, then your belief will become your point of attention and it will be.

But I Tried So Hard

If the Law of Attraction works when you believe in something, so why did I not get my belief?  I tried so hard to believe it, yet it never came.  And we say, if you are trying then you do not understand belief.

When you believe in something then it is a done deal, no need to try or to hope or wait to see what happens because you know it is taken care of.

The Law of Attraction simply states, that which you believe must be, for it is you who creates that which you are experiencing in this life time.  This being said, you will see the emphasis is on ‘belief’ for it directs your experiences.

If you are not attracting that which is wanted, it is because your belief or your wanting is attached to something else in your experience, good or bad.  Take your focus off that which does not please you and put it on that which brings you joy, dear one.

Why Do Some People Seem To Have It All?

You watch your friends, neighbors or even acquaintances and wonder why they are able to have it all, yet you are struggling with the material things you so desire and we say you are not looking at the whole picture for they have exactly what they have lined up to receive.  We say you have done the same and why?  Why have you not aligned yourself with all your material and emotional desires?

You may be asking what is alignment and how do I get it?  Alignment is the total understanding and belief that you have what you desire.  Easy, right?  Well it actually is other than we have been trained most of our lives not to believe we can be, do or have anything we so desire and since that is your aligned belief, well…  then that is what you create in your life.

Do you remember when you had created a life’s experience that you knew you would not give up on until you achieved it?  Be it as simple as saving up to buy something, meeting someone, winning something or succeeding at a position or a competition that you desired? You were aligned, you believed no matter what, that you would try until you succeeded.  If it did not work out as planned, you did not quit because you knew you would do this and you did.  This is what alignment is and we all have this ability to achieve.  This is what we agreed upon and this is what is our birth right.

Why Worry?

We find ourselves in a fearful situation and our first reaction is to worry, and we ask why worry about the unknown?  And why worry about that which you can not change?  The reason we worry is because life has taken us on to a directions which we are not comfortable in and we think it is just going to become worse.  This is where we disagree, you know for you can choose to change it.

Why believe something you do not know, is going to become worse?  Why believe anything other than figuring out how to feel better?  There are choices in everything you do, why choose failure?

What we focus on is the direction we will head, it is inevitable you know.  What you think about is what is to come, for we see nothing else.  We say focus on the possibilities that pleases you not that which worries you.  For you will find a way to change your circumstance rather it be for the worse or the better.  It is always your choice.

Oh What Little Faith We Actually Have

Hello Dear Ones, We are so pleased to talk to you today.  We have been listening to your prayers and see your efforts to do what you have been told is the ‘right thing’ in order to assure your place in heaven, and we say stop trying so hard for we love you and we will always be here for you.

You have been trained to obey and we never asked that of you.  Obeying goes against all your beliefs and then you are taught this is called faith.  This saddens us for faith is belief in thy self not belief in other’s opinions.  We are within you, always guiding you, yet you put a title on this inner guidance so that you may do what others tell you to do. 

True faith dear ones, is the belief you have in yourself.  True faith is the joy that you are always taken care of, even if you make the wrong choices.  True faith is knowing you are always headed in the right direction even if you sway in order to experience life. 

Life is so much easier than what we make of it.  We want others to make the rules in order for us to feel we are doing the right thing.  This does not serve you dear one, for what is right for one is not necessarily right for you.  Go out and experience life, do what brings you joy and accept that this may not always have the best outcome.  Though if you choose to learn from these experiences, then you will grow stronger and more confident in yourself.  This is what brings us joy, for in your growth we expand also, for in your joy, we feel your love, for in your misguidance, we too learn other choices. 

Let go of your fears for life is an experience.  There are not right or wrong choices, just life experiences.  The more experiences you choose, the more you understand your purpose in life.  And once you follow your purpose, your understanding of life will be so relevant that you will never question your chosen direction again.