My Heart ♥

My heart beats to the rhythm of my soul.  You may think this is corny, but it is true.  People with heart issues have lost touch with their souls.  We are all connected to each other and the universe, if we believe it or not.  We all beat together, we all love together, we all feel pain together.  We just choose to make excuses not to believe this. 

We think we are cheated by others, but this is no possible, for as when we cheat, we get cheated.  So if you volunteer to feel the effects of another’s input upon you, then know you two are in this together.

Have you ever met a person who treats others bitterly, but are happy in their own life?  We know you can turn this around and state that your treat others very kindly, but you do not get treated kindly in return.  And we say, have you included yourself in that kindness you give to others?  For you are only attracting that which you have put out.  If you give up of yourself to help others, then you my dear are not treating yourself kindly. 

So we say, be kind to yourself.  Be kind to others.  Look at the larger picture, for it is all inclusive.  Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.  For in the scheme of things, it is all about your actions… and how your heart beats.

~ RoseAngel 

Regardless To Your Belief, Drama Is A Choice

What’s all the screaming about?  Why do you fight, when love would solve the problem?  You find yourself taking blame for all that happens in your life, and to a point this is good… if the blame was just acknowledgment of what is, and the taking was to work it out to your advantage.

You see, you do attract all this drama in your life.  Even though you swore off the aggravation, there is still a little piece of you that likes the excitement of doing something to make life turn to your advantage.  You’re a fighter, and sometimes fighting for what is right, makes it wrong.  For the trust in the change you desire, works the same without the frustration to your soul.

You are a precious child of this earth.  You came here to make a difference, and a difference you will make – once you take a step back and learn to love thyself. 

~ RoseAngel

What Do You Choose In Life?

Doing that which brings you no joy will never enhance your creativity, you know.  For you were not meant to suffer through this life.  You came here to have fun, to experience life and all it has to offer.

Everything you do is a choice, yet sometimes we choose not to believe in ourselves.  Not to embrace our true value as a person.  When this happens, we attract more of the same situations to mirror our beliefs.  Now we find ourselves in a life that is disappointing and our direction keeps following that which supports our beliefs.

We ask of you, dear ones to search for the good in life.  To notice that which you take for granted for once it is gone you will suffer its loss and reinforce your belief of a difficult life.  Instead, see that which is good in life, a roof over your head, a warm dinner or family and friends, and bask in the joy of having these (simple) things.  By doing this you will feel the happiness it brings and in turn you will notice other things that bring this same joy.  Before you know it, you will be attracting more of the same.  You will know life is good because you make it good.  You will know you have options and you will reach for the options that make you happy.

Again, life is choice… choices have feelings, how do you choose to feel?

You Call This Free Will?

What is free will?  You think you can do whatever you want and the results are what you deserve, but we say the results are what you ask for.  Free will is your choice to experience life to decide if this is what is wanted or if there is another direction you want to move toward.

Sometimes life seems difficult, we know, but it is in the difficulty that you realize what you want in life.  Emotion is a good indicator if you are moving in the direction you desire, so pay close attention to your feelings.

When we are happy, we sometimes forget we can create more of these feelings.  We think that is all there is, but we say no – your happiness is your choice.  Then there are times we are sad and we forget these emotion are also a choice.  It seems difficult to change emotions when we are feeling down, but when you can reach for a happier feeling, your sadness will begin to dissolve.

So, this being said – free will is a gift, for it teaches you your wants and desires and it allows you to change them to what you desire to become.

The Circle of Life

Dear ones, we have been guiding you to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings for this is the direction your life will move toward and most of you understand this and some of you do not but still work on thinking positive and we say this works well for being positive creates more positive moments in life.

Now the confusion sets in when you know how you want to think and believe and you find yourself in life situations that seem to all move toward pain and frustration.  It is easy to forget that by being sad or angry that you are creating more of the same.  When this happens it tends to become more overwhelming for your beliefs are supporting more of the same.  And you do not understand why so many upsetting things tend to all happen at once, and we say dear one, this is your choice.  By choosing to be upset, angry or sad (even though the life situation mirrors these emotions), you are creating more of the same.  The universe works to give you what you believe so if you are not happy with what you are creating, we say change it.

We know this does take much effort on your part for you are not in the mood to ‘be happy’ when life is dishing out such sad events but again, remember it is all about choice.   We ask you to stop, breathe deeply and release your breath slowly… accept the calmness and remember what is good in life.  There is always good in life no matter how sad things are but it is up to you to focus on them.  It could be as simple as a sunny day, a hot shower, a roof over your head or your favorite pair of shoes.  Simple, we know but things that may make you happy.

Understand dear ones, you always have choice and what you choose to focus on is everything.