Look At Your Friends

People come in and out of our lives, some are friends, some are acquaintances, some are even strangers.  But none of them were by coincidence, not even that person you seen crossing the street.  They have all made it to your attention for a reason.  This is difficult for some to understand, though it is true.

We attract people who will help us in life, be it a loved one or even an abuser.  You think that person who hurt you was none of your doing but no one can come into your life without your permission.

This being said, what kind of people are you attracting?  Do your friends support you or do they hurt you?  Take a close look at how you are treated and understand that it is you who is attracting this type of behavior.

Once your take responsibility for the people who surround you, knowing you have control over who you let into your life and how you allow yourself to be treated, then you can choose to learn from their kindness or work through the pain that is shared.

What Makes You Tick

Hello Dear Ones, We are pleased to speak to you today about what we are all part of and that is our inner tick.  What makes you tick, we ask knowing it is different in all of us.  We all have something that guides us, be it intelligence, training, practice or even fear.

We all have direction from something we learned during our lives.  We say, if you truly want to find joy in your life, forget what was learned and choose to listen to your inner guidance instead. 

We all have the option to change the way things come into our lives.  If you are not happy, it is probably because you are not feeling the freedom to be yourself.  Happiness is a choice and when we put others before ourselves we choose not to be free or most times not happy.  We do this for selfless reasons, we know but giving up for others is foolish for we are the only ones who can create happiness in our lives.  By giving up your freedom or happiness to assure other’s happiness is foolish, it just can not be done.

So when your inner tick pulls you away from the joy in your life, remember you decide your direction and choices, the tick is just the recordings from the past and not necessarily what serves you.

Why Allow Another to Change Who You Are?

Hello dearest one – why worry about that which does not serve you?  Why allow others to decide your feelings and most of all dear one, why allow another to change who you are?

You are blinded by your feelings and we say it is so much easier to be yourself.  No worries of what is said about you for you know who you are.  No worries that others will believe that which is not true for you do not need to defend yourself when you truly believe in yourself. 

Take a deep breath and remember who you are.  Send love to the ones who bring you pain, for by doing this you release yourself of the control they have on you.  Do not live in reaction to others, for they are misguiding you.  Be yourself in the mist of chaos and allow yourself to feel the calm.  Today, dear one, you are in charge of your own feelings and this will set you free.

Life is Funny

 Life if funny sometimes, not the haha funny but the hmmm, I did not see that coming funny.  People think they want things in life easy and well adjusted but this is not true.  If it were true why would so many create such dramatic lives?  This is not by accident that people fall into this type of life.  This is chosen, maybe not consciously but we always have choices.  Life may seem tiring at times, you may just want to give up but at these times, dear ones your energy to heal is at its highest and this is a good thing.  Everything is balanced and what seems to be difficult is just the opportunity to make different choices or to learn by trial and error. 

 We are always growing, learning, expanding our minds and souls and there is not one of us that would have it any other way.  It all comes down to how you experience your difficult times, that is the key, you know.  Choose to try something different, choose to not allow it to sadden or effect other aspects of your day, choose to see the other side of the situation.  For when you can accomplish this, life’s burdens will cease to have an effect on your life.

Take a Deep Breath of Freedom

Freedom is like fresh air; there is no question what to do and how it feels.  Freedom is salvation.  When you are truly free, everything works out for you.  This is because you have nothing to hide behind so you have to be honest with yourself.  If you are honest with yourself and something is not working out, you would not blame yourself for this is not who you are, you would try something else out until it did work for you.  There is no room for blame when you are free.  Blame is the cowardly way to say you messed up so that you can end something you are not happy with.  If there was no blame and what happened just happened, then you would take the next step to change it, if it is something you do not like.