Resolution to Just Try

Dear loved ones,
We start this New Year with high hopes of doing better than the last one, and this is good.  Some are determined and do not give up, others will fizz out once the incentive leaves their ambition, both these paths are good.  We think ‘success’ is the only good path, but no one has ever failed by trying.  For we receive so much by trying, you know.  We learn what does and does not work, we learn what we have tried, and what not to try next time, and we learn that though we did not finish what we had started, that next time we have the energy to try, we take another path. 
New Year’s resolutions are good for they get us to think of what we believe will make us happier.  Believing in happiness is the key here, for most have learned how to survive without happiness for so long that it seems more the norm than actually feeling joy in our daily lives.  So when we review the past year and know we no longer want, we desire more in the next year.  We do this because deep inside we know we are supposed to be happy.  We know there is more to this life than living to survive.  We know we have options, and yet we do the same thing that cuts off those options because we are afraid to change. 
So we say, try dear one, for there is no failure and any little step you take is one step closer to success.
~ RoseAngel

Surviving Anxiety

Dear one, we feel your pain for society can be scary, as we do not always trust others’ actions.  So many shootings, so many fingers pointed, so many innocent people who suffer.  And how do we handle these fears?  We choose to internalize them, which surfaces as anxiety.  But most do not know that anxiety is a protective way to not deal with the real fear… the unknown. 

You see, we learned a long time ago that we are victims to the actions of others.  As children, we do not have the ability to compete with the power of big people.  Since the big people were usually the ones who cared for us, we had to learn survival.

But what really is survival?  Survival is doing anything in the moment to get past the fear.  The moment, dear one is the key here, for you do not need to ‘survive’ when things were going well, just when the explosion begins.  As a result, what is learned is at any time without notice, we can be knocked into a situation that we fear we may not be able to overcome.  And this dear one, is where the anxiety breeds… Did we do wrong?  Did we upset them? Will they threaten us?  Will they act on those threats?  Will we be humiliated?  Will we beaten?  Will we suffer?  And at times, Will we die?

Anxiety is the unknown answers to these fears.  But what is known, is how it feels when the explosion begins.  For even when we were young, we could feel the onset of the explosion, we could feel the change in their mood and actions, we could feel what we knew was about to happen.  And our anxiety is our protection, for it is our preparation to step into the survival mode.    

Knowing this dear one, having to survive is fearful.  Though it is the fear which directs you, and not the actual actions to come.  Anxiety is there to protect you, but your belief in protection has now taken over, and this dear one does not serve you. 

For you are strong, you are wise, and you are capable of stepping outside your comforts zone to show yourself that all is well.  This may have to be done in small steps, baby steps even, but once you do, little by little, you will see that you can see the light, and be the person you came here to be.  Know that we created these titles for they were useful, but once they become controlling of our joy, it becomes a clear sign they are no longer needed.

Thank the anxiety, for it was a great protector.  But let it go now, for you are your own protector of your life, and you choose to live life to the degree of happiness.  Scary situations will arise again, but you have options, you can stand strong for one minute, two minutes and more.  For facing your fear, if even for a few minutes, takes its power away, and frees you to choose to be happier, live lighter, and feel your own freedom once again.

~ RoseAngel

This Is My Dream, Why Am I Not Following It?

So you know what you want yet you are not doing it and we say why?  What is it that holds you back from following your dreams?

We are all here to experience life and we all agreed to follow our dreams.  So, if you are not following your dream, it is for the experience you receive.  The problem is that since you are not moving in the right direction, the experience is usually not a peaceful one.

This is okay for things that do not happen easily make us aware of what is not wanted.  When you know what is not wanted, you understand what is wanted.  Once you reach your limit of what is not wanted, then you will move toward your goals.

Seems like the hard way to achieve something, but it is not for the experience you receive along the way is more important that the actual achievement of what is wanted.


What is drama and why do we feel stuck in it at times?  Drama is just confusion of life, not knowing where to turn to or why so many things are happening to you at once.  This is a simple emotion, very helpful when life tends to come at you all at once.  This confusion just means you are working through change and change is important to your growth.

Drama is usually viewed as a negative statement but we say it is very positive.  It represents change and usually for the better.  Though any change is good, for it points you in life to movement and direction.  We are constantly changing though we tend to want to stay in what we feel is comfortable.  This does not work for life will cause you to change.  This is when the drama may occur for you are fighting what your inner self is directing you to do.

We say, dear ones do not view your drama or confusion of life negatively.  For this is what is needed when you are ready to grow.

Which Is The Path To Least Resistance?

Everything we do, everything we decide, every step we walk is the choice of our path to least resistance.  What do we mean by this?  We find ourselves in situations we do not like, such as a bad job, a painful relationship, overwhelmed by family or friends and we pray for change but the change we ask for is not the choice we want for you have already chosen to be in these situations. 


We think we are trapped in a bad job but we chose it.  Hard to believe, we know but think about it.  If the negative out weighed the positive, you would be out of there.  You stay because of the money or because there are not any good jobs out there or our personal favorite, because you like the people you work with.  This job is the path to least resistance and that is why you are still working there.  Once you focus on the good aspects of the job and let go of the bad, then you will be happy at work once again.  It is law, either at this job or another job that will open up to you.

The same with your relationships, you continue to ‘suffer’ through them because the good out weigh the bad.  Whatever the reasons (and there are so many), once the bad out weighs the good, which you usually call this ‘rock bottom’, then change will be made.


So it all comes down to what you are focusing on, dear one for you are exactly where you want to be in life, otherwise you would have changed it.