This Is My Dream, Why Am I Not Following It?

So you know what you want yet you are not doing it and we say why?  What is it that holds you back from following your dreams?

We are all here to experience life and we all agreed to follow our dreams.  So, if you are not following your dream, it is for the experience you receive.  The problem is that since you are not moving in the right direction, the experience is usually not a peaceful one.

This is okay for things that do not happen easily make us aware of what is not wanted.  When you know what is not wanted, you understand what is wanted.  Once you reach your limit of what is not wanted, then you will move toward your goals.

Seems like the hard way to achieve something, but it is not for the experience you receive along the way is more important that the actual achievement of what is wanted.


What is drama and why do we feel stuck in it at times?  Drama is just confusion of life, not knowing where to turn to or why so many things are happening to you at once.  This is a simple emotion, very helpful when life tends to come at you all at once.  This confusion just means you are working through change and change is important to your growth.

Drama is usually viewed as a negative statement but we say it is very positive.  It represents change and usually for the better.  Though any change is good, for it points you in life to movement and direction.  We are constantly changing though we tend to want to stay in what we feel is comfortable.  This does not work for life will cause you to change.  This is when the drama may occur for you are fighting what your inner self is directing you to do.

We say, dear ones do not view your drama or confusion of life negatively.  For this is what is needed when you are ready to grow.

Which Is The Path To Least Resistance?

Everything we do, everything we decide, every step we walk is the choice of our path to least resistance.  What do we mean by this?  We find ourselves in situations we do not like, such as a bad job, a painful relationship, overwhelmed by family or friends and we pray for change but the change we ask for is not the choice we want for you have already chosen to be in these situations. 


We think we are trapped in a bad job but we chose it.  Hard to believe, we know but think about it.  If the negative out weighed the positive, you would be out of there.  You stay because of the money or because there are not any good jobs out there or our personal favorite, because you like the people you work with.  This job is the path to least resistance and that is why you are still working there.  Once you focus on the good aspects of the job and let go of the bad, then you will be happy at work once again.  It is law, either at this job or another job that will open up to you.

The same with your relationships, you continue to ‘suffer’ through them because the good out weigh the bad.  Whatever the reasons (and there are so many), once the bad out weighs the good, which you usually call this ‘rock bottom’, then change will be made.


So it all comes down to what you are focusing on, dear one for you are exactly where you want to be in life, otherwise you would have changed it.

Why Don’t The Puzzle Pieces Fit?

Dear One, your confusion is strong, your focus is weak and your direction has changed.  You feel like you are alone in the middle of a thousand people and you do not know how to be seen.  As we say, why be seen?  Why not do the looking?  Why change what is, when it is there to guide you?  

You think that life is the way it is supposed to be but life is what you make of it.  Why make it difficult?  Why try to help others at the cost of yourself?  Pay close attention to how you feel for if you are hurting, then you are moving in the wrong direction.

Do not force the pieces of the puzzle for you will end up with an unfinished project.  We say put that piece down for when the time is right, you will know exactly where it belongs. 

Life is simple, we then complicate it.  Life is happy; we lose trust and make times sad.  Life is flowing and we forget to exhale.  Stop that which does not serve you, put your pieces in a row and choose the one which calls you and you will see, you know exactly where it fits.

Secret of Life

Life is amazing if you choose to allow it. We are constantly receiving good emotions though we do not always allow ourselves to accept them. There is this internal excitement that you have once you realize that life is good and we receive all that we allow. In other words, we are creating our own lives. We are receiving what we allow, good or sad. We are the ones in control of how our life manifests. If we are not happy we can change what we think and have. Read more..