Angelic Advice

Move, walk, talk, laugh, for there are many out there who want to do the same.

Write dear one, for your life on paper will answer many questions.

Exercise regularly, for when your body is strong, the mind become clearer.

Have fun dear one, for when you count your pennies, you value a number more than yourself.

RECEIVE!  Be open to receiving, for we have been guiding you your whole life.  But your beliefs in good or bad, right or wrong, and what others think or believe have been blocking you from seeing the light.

And FORGET the others who advertise their ignorance, for they are just trying to find their way through the beliefs they also have been taught.  They have to experience the ‘fail’ in order to open their eyes, so why, why, why let that bother you?

~ RoseAngel

“When is the right time?”

Dear one, you ask as if you do not know the answer.  You want it all now and forget that the right time means all falls into place.  To get all you want when you want it would be a disappointment, for then you would forget how to desire and life is all about desires, you know.  So trust that the time is right means you are aligned and able to accept all you ask for.  For only then will you truly enjoy what is asked for and not ask for what needs comforting.

So You Are Saying these Obstacles Are My Friends?

You want the money, you want the relationship, you want perfect health, you want success but you don’t want to wait another moment for it all.  You have been working on your life long enough to know how to create what is wanted but yet you find yourself continuously running into obstacles from receiving it and we say NO!  NO!  NO!

The obstacles you are receiving are what you are asking for, for they are your maps to achieving your dreams, you know.  You want the money but what is it dear one that is keeping you from receiving it?  Unless you change your alignment to be open to receive, it will always be there waiting for you but just out of reach.  The obstacles that you believe are in the way of receiving, actually hold the answer to receive.  For you are creating these situations to show you what you have to work through in order to accept what you are wanting.  If you secretly think people with money are bad, then why would you really want the money that would make you bad?  Same with the relationships, if you do not trust people, how would you be able to find someone in a loving relationship that you do not trust?

So next time you find yourself repeating life situations or obstacles that are keeping you from your goals in life, work it through for they are here to help you overcome what is not wanted in order to allow what is wanted.

I Was Blind But Now I See

We ask for guidance pretending that we do not have infinite guidance within ourselves.  We pray for answers but we already know the answer we are avoiding.  We cry for help but deny ourselves relief for we do not want to do what we know is that which we ask for.

Dear ones, life is an experience and sometimes we suffer unnecessarily for we want to learn that which guides us to the peace that we so want to create.  Why would we do that?  Why would we choose pain over peace?  Why do we want that which brings us suffering when we can easily choose joy?

Some call it being lost, others call it depression or bad luck.  Whatever you choose to call it, we want you to know it is all guidance.  Once you are experiencing pain, we would categorize it as very strong guidance for this only happens when you have ignored the subtle guiding.

So why would guidance hurt so?  You choose to ignore the signs and since you are always moving toward eternal growth, well… the signs become stronger and if necessary, more painful to get your attention, you know.

If you find yourself sad, lost or depressed, you are being guided to change your focus.  For what you are thinking is bringing you pain, then it does not serve you.  Your pain is always focus in the past, which you cannot change or focus in the future, which has not happened and may not ever happen.  Live in the present, focus on the good in your life, see what pleases you and do not give your attention to something that brings you pain or fear, for that leads you away from eternal growth.

You Ask For Guidance, But Forget To Listen To The Answer

We always answer you but at times it seems more comfortable to believe you send out your request for guidance just to let it go, not understanding we want you to know the answer.  Some call it prayers; others know it is guidance for that is what we do.  We never give you answers for you have free will to decide what to do, so we always guide you toward that which serves you. 

When you are in pain, it seems easy to ask, hoping the answer will solve the problem.  But we say there is no answer, only direction.  You can choose to go in the direction of least resistance or you may choose the direction that brings you more incentive for change.  Either way, sooner or later you come to the point in life where it no longer serves you to be in pain and you will pull yourself up to accept the change you feared. 

 Change is scary for it is the unknown that brings fear.  Even when the known is completely painful, the unknown is equally fearful.  Guidance is usually changes and you will do anything not to change that which is broken, for you have mastered working with the broken situations.  The problem is that your inner guidance knows you deserve better than broken life experiences so little by little it become relevant that change is needed.

We are all working together here, you know.  We all want the same for each other and that is to be in alignment with your wants and desires.  This brings happiness, joy, peace, inner love and freedom.  We are all on a journey to achieve these feelings, though many get lost on the way.  Fear not for we always are here for you, whispering in your ear, sending you messages, reminding you of what you really desire in life and that is the achievement of your desires, dear ones.