The Law of Attraction, Part 2

When we realize that every thought we think, every word we speak and every emotion we experience is a request to the universe, then we can think, speak and eventually experience differently.  For what is believed is always given to us. 

Some will say, this is not true for I do not want to be sick or poor or unlucky, I just am.  I did not want to lose my job or end my relationship but it happened.  We are here to say – yes, on some level you did believe in this and you can choose to believe differently. 

We ask you to focus on appreciation of what is good in your life and not to give your attention on what you lack, and we promise you, what you appreciate will multiply and what you once lacked will no longer be part of your experience.

The Law of Attraction, Part 1

The Law of Attraction is evident if you believe in it or not.  It states that what you think about, feel within and believe to be true, will be attracted to your experiences in life.  This is hard for some to understand for they believe that life is all by chance.  Some are lucky, some are unlucky and things just happen to them without any control of how or where it comes from. 

The good part is that you do have control over your life; in fact you attract everything into your experience.  What do you believe about yourself?  Where do you see yourself?  What do you think of others?  How are your finances, love life and health?  Listen very careful how you answer, for these are your future experiences.  If we were you, we would change our answers to be what is desired in life.