Attraction Reaction

Attracting what is wanted into this life is so much easier than most believe.  We have spent so much of our lives learning that it is hard to get what is wanted, that we believe it is.  We want you to know that your belief in difficulties is what is causing your struggle.

Now most find this statement humorous for how can a belief cause an action?  We all believe we want the most and best for ourselves so why do we not have it?  We are here to tell you that you do not have it because you really do not believe you can or you may think you believe you can but deep inside you do not find yourself worthy of receiving.

So with so many deep beliefs of disappointing actions how is one supposed to change the way they believe to receive what is wanted?  This, dear ones is where change comes into the picture and to most, change is not easy.

Pay attention to your thoughts but even more, pay attention to your fears.  Fears are the disbeliefs that cause you to hold back on receiving.  If you are afraid you will not have enough money to pay your bills and you worry how you will get this money… well, it is the worry that is making it difficult for you to be open to the answer that will lead you to creating the money you desire.

We are constantly guiding you to a happier life, if you are worried, scared, angry, jealous, bitter or just feeling sorry for yourself, then you are not in the position to make good on what is wanted.  You will not hear the guidance that will change what is not wanted and to receive what is your birthright to be at peace and to be happy with life.

We ask you to start by being at peace with where you are even if you are not happy with your current situation, for it can get worse and will become more difficult if you do not change for the better.  When you are at peace, you allow the ideas that will lead you to your desires to surface.  From there you will find that not only do you create a better life but that the life you have is easier for you have no reason to be stressed with worry.

We love you dear ones and know that you get this for you have been asking and wanting for so long that you are ready for change for the better.  Stop believing in difficulties and be open to receive the guidance that leads you to the desires that you have come here to receive and to begin to enjoy your life once again.

The Sky Is The Limit

The sky is the limit… what do you think this means?  And why are you accepting limits, dear one?  The sky is a great start but how did we learn to go out into space if we limited ourselves to the sky?

We want you to follow you heart, no matter how far it guided you to move toward.  Your belief in limits is the only thing keeping you from achieving your dreams, you know.

So many times we stop ourselves from believing we can achieve our dreams and we want you to know this is not your true belief.  You have been told or you may have witness someone else who was not able to achieve your desires and you then chose to believe it was not possible.

We say if you believed and would work toward this belief, it has to manifest, for your true beliefs are everything.  They shape your life, accomplish your goals and creates your reality.

Manifesting your Desires

Dear Ones, you have found yourself reading this post for you are ready for some changes. Life is so simple, yet you choose to make it complicated. This is not a failure on your part for we all take different paths to our goals. We choose to concentrate on other’s proplems or incorporate other’s problems into our lives and we say Why? Read more..

We Can Create Healing

 Healing is a given gift and our birthright, you know.  So, if we can heal ourselves of all these horrible diseases, why are so many plagued by them?  This is simple; they do not believe they can do anything about it.  If they do not believe, it is not possible to create, hence the mind connection.

The body heals with the help of the mind.  The mind heals with the help of eternal energy.  When the mind believes in the healing, it creates an internal energy that is like our white blood cells.  No one questions why white blood cells have the ability to heal but energy – how is that possible?  It is possible because everything is made up of energy, including the human body.  It is bad energy that can cause a flaw in our health and it is good, positive energy that can repair it.

Manifesting… What We Believe – We Conceive!

Manifestation is all based on belief.  What we believe, we conceive.  This is the bottom line.  Now, getting to the point of believing in something we do not trust in is the difficult part of this.  That is why it takes some many years to trust enough to change their fears.

For many, they truly did not believe they deserve it.  That being said explains most people’s fear based beliefs.  They want the money, they want the relationship, they want the career or the power but they do not believe they deserve it and it then will never come.  There are many types of blocks, all fear based, you know.  All more powerful than the things that are wanted.