Is He The One For Me?

You worry about your relationship or even your lack of relationships and we say that is unnecessary for you are always with the one you should be with.  Even if you are alone, this is where you should be.  You think you want a loving, caring relationship but if you really were lined up to be in one you would be. 

This is hard for some to understand because why wouldn’t you want to be happy with your soul mate?  Dear ones, we want you to know that every relationship that comes into your life is for your benefit even if it does not last as long as you want it to.  The lack of relationships is beneficial also for it gives you time to know what you truly want.

The reason we are attracted to each other is because the one you line up with will help you with the life experiences you are working through at the time.  That is why we learn from past relationships not to want the same things in the next one.  And in the cases when we do not learn and attract the same unwanted situations, well, then the issues become greater and usually more painful until we do understand this is not what we want.

Accept what you want from another you share your life with and do not accept that which does not please you for even in the loss of an unwanted relationship is the opportunity for the wanted love to come into your life.  

Do not fear that you will never meet the right one for this blocks you from finding them.  We are all unique and we all have the right partner waiting to meet us, we just have to be open and available to do so.

My Heart Hurts

Dear ones, we hear your cries and know your pain but we say it is your choice to hurt, you know.  You have given all your power to another and when the other does not do what you feel they should, then you react in pain.

Love is so misused that it should be renamed ‘Pain’.  We all want to be in love but the happiness tends to lead into sadness and then we call that Love. Read more..

But I Love Him / Her

Dear one, we hear your cries and feel your pain but we also understand you are blinded by love and do not see clearly. You do not understand how someone who loves you can hurt you so badly. You do not understand why someone who cares can walk away when you need them. You do not understand why your heart yearns for love yet the love you have has more pain than joy and we say, dear, dear one – listen closely for your attention is on the wrong person. Read more..

What Makes This Need To Be In A Relationship?

We all long for partners, friendship, love, commitment and companionship.  We want someone we can talk to and can relate to our lives.  This is natural, for we came here to co-exist with others.  The problem is that many times our co-existence comes to an end and we do not accept this ending as a new beginning (as it always is) but as a loss.  We then relate the loss and the feelings of emptiness as “bad” and we try everything we can to fill ourselves up again.  This process will create ourselves to separate from who we really are and become whatever it takes to fill the void. 

So what makes this need to be in a relationship so strong?  Fear – Yes, fear.  We are afraid of having to move forward alone.  We are afraid of learning how to exist on our own after we had spent so much time learning how to exist with another person.  We want the comfort of having someone there to help and listen.  

The truth is that every relationship we have is to bring us closer to our life goal.  We all came here with a goal or a mission and we attract others to help us in this pursuit.  Have we lost you?  You thought we were going to talk about how to get the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and instead we work our way up to a life’s goal – come on!  Though it is true, if it were not for the experience that brings you toward your mission, you would prefer to be alone.

To Be In A Relationship Or Not

Relationships or the lack of a relationship, at times is the same thing.  It is all about the bond.  There are so many who are in a relationship and there is no bond.  They are together in order not to be alone or because they believe they are not good enough to start over and some times just because they care for the person and do not want to hurt him/her.

Relationships are complicated.  There is so much desire to be in a loving relationship that many times we settle just because want so much to have someone.  This does not serve you for with time your heart will long for the reason you wanted to be in a relationship in the first place.

We ask you to be okay with yourself, to get to know what it is you want in life, to know what it is you are lacking so you know what you truly want in your relationship.