Heal Thyself

We say there are simple steps to heal thyself, and as a reminder the number one step is to believe.  When you are treating a symptom, you believe the symptom is bad; therefore you are treating it from a negative standpoint.  We say, nothing good comes from multiplying the energy of that which is believed to be bad.  Instead, we say see the disease as that which is an effect of wanting change.  And it has come to fruition to help you in your path of changing.

We fear pain, we fear suffering, we fear the unknown, and ultimately we fear death.  These fears will never show you the path to healing.  For healing is the belief of health, so why do we choose the path that takes us away from that which we want to achieve?

This being said, when you are ready to heal first believe in its possibility, which means you can see yourself as healed.  It is then necessary to be open to the next step, for belief without actions is also fear.  We ask you to understand, the next step may not be that which most believe is the most effective action… and this is why your belief, or faith must be solid in order to not bow down to what others fears guide you to do.