Look At Your Friends

People come in and out of our lives, some are friends, some are acquaintances, some are even strangers.  But none of them were by coincidence, not even that person you seen crossing the street.  They have all made it to your attention for a reason.  This is difficult for some to understand, though it is true.

We attract people who will help us in life, be it a loved one or even an abuser.  You think that person who hurt you was none of your doing but no one can come into your life without your permission.

This being said, what kind of people are you attracting?  Do your friends support you or do they hurt you?  Take a close look at how you are treated and understand that it is you who is attracting this type of behavior.

Once your take responsibility for the people who surround you, knowing you have control over who you let into your life and how you allow yourself to be treated, then you can choose to learn from their kindness or work through the pain that is shared.