Losing a Loved One if Very Difficult

March 4th, 2012 – Losing a Loved One if Very Difficult

 Losing a loved one is very difficult for many.  There is emptiness where life with this person used to exist.  It seems unfair and sometimes scary.  The pain can be so great that it is hard to go on with your normal life.  We ask you to feel the pain but not let the pain take over.  Grief is an important part of life.  We need it to balance our emotions, but some allow it to take over their feelings and then can easily become lost in the pain.  When this happens, it is hard to reason and learn to live again. 

Stop and think why you are so sad for it is not for the loved one but for your pain.  Your loved one wants you to be happy again, they want you to move on.  It is you who chooses not to balance your loss with your life.  We are not saying to be happy when we know you are not, we are asking you to feel the grief and then move on.  There is so much and so many in everyone’s life to be appreciative for.  Bring yourself to focus on those things a little each day.  Do something or talk to someone who brings a smile to your face and little by little you will learn to live again.  This also will allow your loved one to work with your from the other side. 

Life has changed for you and it will continue to change for this creates growth, knowledge and experience.  Life will never be the same, we know but life can be good again.