Not Living Your Best Life?

Dear one, we ask you why do you not live your best life?  Why do you accept even a minute of boredom, or allow your life to be monotone?  Are you having fun?  If you answer no, and we are sure you have many, many excuses why, we say you are wasting this gift of life.  You are not accepting the fact that you may have anything you desire. 

We know the reasons you give yourself, and how you keep referring back to past experiences, or what you believe of others around you.  You say, “To have fun you must first have money, and I do not have enough money to have the fun I want.”  We say this is true, for this is your belief, and you always attract your beliefs. 

What we want is for you to believe differently, to take the steps toward happiness, so you may see the doors opening.  For you to decide what feels good, and do all there is to do to accept this into your life.

We know these are only words to you, and that this whole ‘believe and you shall receive’ idea feels like nonsense, but have you tried?  Have you taken even the smallest of steps toward change?  For it is a vicious circle this ‘not believing, therefore not trying’ saga.  A vicious circle you have selected, you know.

This being said, we ask you to think of something you would very much enjoy, and make it big, choose something impossible, and then see yourself doing this, feel the enjoyment of the moment in this dream of yours.  Do not listen to the ideas of doubt that come up, for you think they are there to protect you, though they are your fears of the past, which have kept you from trying all along.

Understand dear one that feeling good in a day dream, creates energy which attracts more of these same feelings.  Understand that feeling good, even if it is in your mind, is better than feeling bad that you do not have the life you so desire. 

We say, always, always, always choose feeling good, and see how the doors open to the opportunities of the next step closer to achieving that which you desire.

~ RoseAngel