Being Different According to Others

Our dear ones, we come to you today, to reach out to the society that is treated unfairly.  They blame it on being different, but we ask, ‘Who is the same?’  For we are all individuals, we all think differently, and we all had different life experiences that have made us who we are today. 

So why are some individuals looked down upon by others?  Why do some get treated differently because of the way they look, or talk, or think?  We ask, why are some beings considered ‘better’ than others?  These questions have baffled many for so long, because it has been experienced for so long.

How can something as ugly as prejudice still be alive and active?  The answer is not always easy to accept, for in every situation in life that makes us unhappy, we need to look within.   For the reason prejudice works is because on some level we believe it, otherwise it would not hurt.  And we are not bothered or angered by things we do not believe. 

You can say, ‘We believe it because we see what they have done to others who are like us.’  And this is a valid fact, but a fact fueled by fear.  We say, when you believe in actions which scare you, you cannot see the action which saves you.

Understand you have no control over the ignorant, for they are living their own hell… otherwise they would have no need to believe they are better.  You do have control over your own thoughts and beliefs, your direction and understanding, and your allowance of acceptance or not, of the beliefs society has put on you.

We say, fear not the unknown.  Trust good things happen to you.  Move forward in pride of the person who you are.  For they have no power over those who do not allow them to be heard.

~ RoseAngel

Be Happy New Year

New year, new month, new day, and we all say Happy New Year!  We make resolutions, decide upon changes, and see ourselves as healed by the end of the year.  This, dear one, is not bad for when we see ourselves as healed, be it finances, body issues, relationships, and so on, it is always in your best interest.  We would wish these were your actions year round, for that which you see, think, and believe, is what is attracted in life.

We hear wishing it were that simple.  And we say it is simple, but not always easy, for you are changing habits and beliefs that you have held for years.  This being said, we ask you to start paying attention to your beliefs.  Do they serve you?  Is this what is wanted in your life?  If not, take the steps to rewrite it to that which is wanted. 

We know you like to think of what bothers you, as if you will figure out how to change it if you repeat it again and again.  You like to tell others of how someone has done you wrong, so they take your side, confirming you are the victim here. 

All the complaints about lack of money, body pains, not having a partner or how your partner did you wrong, these situations may be true in the moment, but dwelling on them will never solve them.  For you cannot complain about what is wrong, and see what is right.  The mind cannot think two contradicting thoughts at the same time, so we advise you to pick and choose that which is wanted.  Focusing on what is wanted will allow the solution to appear, and the next step to start to make sense.

Start off small, dear ones, and think thoughts which make you happy.  Learn to feel good by imagining that which is wanted.  When you feel life is difficult, make up a path that feels better.  For once you believe a change is possible, the next step to creating it will be clear. 

~ RoseAngel

Regardless To Your Belief, Drama Is A Choice

What’s all the screaming about?  Why do you fight, when love would solve the problem?  You find yourself taking blame for all that happens in your life, and to a point this is good… if the blame was just acknowledgment of what is, and the taking was to work it out to your advantage.

You see, you do attract all this drama in your life.  Even though you swore off the aggravation, there is still a little piece of you that likes the excitement of doing something to make life turn to your advantage.  You’re a fighter, and sometimes fighting for what is right, makes it wrong.  For the trust in the change you desire, works the same without the frustration to your soul.

You are a precious child of this earth.  You came here to make a difference, and a difference you will make – once you take a step back and learn to love thyself. 

~ RoseAngel

Angelic Advice

Move, walk, talk, laugh, for there are many out there who want to do the same.

Write dear one, for your life on paper will answer many questions.

Exercise regularly, for when your body is strong, the mind become clearer.

Have fun dear one, for when you count your pennies, you value a number more than yourself.

RECEIVE!  Be open to receiving, for we have been guiding you your whole life.  But your beliefs in good or bad, right or wrong, and what others think or believe have been blocking you from seeing the light.

And FORGET the others who advertise their ignorance, for they are just trying to find their way through the beliefs they also have been taught.  They have to experience the ‘fail’ in order to open their eyes, so why, why, why let that bother you?

~ RoseAngel

You Cannot Help Someone Who Will Not Help Themselves  

We see you, we hear you, we know you have a big heart and want to use that which you have learned to help others.  We also know that you cannot help someone who will not help themselves.

But you love them so, or you feel sorry for them, or you are trying to cure the wounded inner child you see in this adult in front of you.  If you can just get through to them, say the right thing to catch their attention so you can HELP them!

You see, your love for people keep you from seeing them healed.  This keeps you in the helping mode, giving up of thyself to bring another person up.  This is all so admirable and foolish at the same time, for they cannot hear you, for they are focusing on their issues as someone else’s doing.  And how can you fix something that is out of your control?

If you truly want to help someone, then see them as healed and Walk Away.  Sounds so cold, we know but this is their only chance.  Because we cannot convince someone to change when they are not in a place of change.  Sometimes the others have to bring their life to such pain before they are willing to try something new.  So when you are trying to take away another’s pain, you are just accepting their pain as your own.  Think about how frustrating it is when they don’t listen to you, when they keep doing that which hurts themselves even though you were so clear of the solution.

If you see them as healed, if you are confident they will eventually see the light, then you give them a chance to see themselves the same way.  When you focus on their pain and problems, all they see is the same.

Our greatest advice to you dear one is to teach by example, and be open to seeing your loved one as someone who has to follow their own timing, someone who may need to work through some issues before they figure this one out, but someone who does find happiness.

~ RoseAngel