Heal Thyself

We say there are simple steps to heal thyself, and as a reminder the number one step is to believe.  When you are treating a symptom, you believe the symptom is bad; therefore you are treating it from a negative standpoint.  We say, nothing good comes from multiplying the energy of that which is believed to be bad.  Instead, we say see the disease as that which is an effect of wanting change.  And it has come to fruition to help you in your path of changing.

We fear pain, we fear suffering, we fear the unknown, and ultimately we fear death.  These fears will never show you the path to healing.  For healing is the belief of health, so why do we choose the path that takes us away from that which we want to achieve?

This being said, when you are ready to heal first believe in its possibility, which means you can see yourself as healed.  It is then necessary to be open to the next step, for belief without actions is also fear.  We ask you to understand, the next step may not be that which most believe is the most effective action… and this is why your belief, or faith must be solid in order to not bow down to what others fears guide you to do.

Relationships are Fun / Funny!

Relationships are funny in a way that we think we are in them, when sometimes we are not.  We think this person by our side will fulfill our needs, and we move forward believing we are taken care of, when we are really just accepting that which is.  We want more and accept less, for we think this is all we deserve from another.  We try harder to fill in the voids, so that it is not as painful that we are not getting what we want.

We want you to stop and feel your situation, ask yourself if this partner is giving you that which you desire, for in most cases it is not.  This is not a bad thing, for if you were not receiving all that you wanted, you would move on.  In other words, you must be receiving enough of that which is desired to stay where you are.  In some cases, it is from the fear of being alone, in others it may be the fear of not succeeding financially… there are so many reasons why we stay where we are not always happy.

We ask you dear one, to focus not on that which brings you lack or sadness in your relationship and to focus on that which you enjoy or that which makes you feel accepted.  For even if it is not much, it is enough to keep you together.  And when you focus on that which is good, it attracts more of the same.  When you can bring yourself to feel good about where you are (even when the bad outweighs the good), then it will be clear what feels good and if it is enough.

You see, we are wired to be happy, that is why it feels so bad to be sad.  We are here to experience happiness and so many forget this and accept what is, in order to do that which is expected of them or because they do not know what else to do.  FOCUS, dear ones on the good in your life (for it is always there), and you will start to remember what you are here for, and then desire more of that.  It will become clear that there is nothing which is worth you giving up your happiness, and it will bring you to find a way to make it work, or to move on.

Happiness Is Contagious, You Know

What is happiness?  We all take it for granted, you know.  Happiness is what fuels our soul, for we are all meant to be happy.  We forget this, for we tend to focus on what is not, which makes us sad.  The lesson here is so, so simple…. Focus on what brings you joy.

We think it is more important to be responsible than to be happy, we think it is more important to take care of others over ourselves to be happy, we think it is more important to work toward changing what life gives us to experience, in order to be happy and we say WHY?

Why do we give up that which we are here to do in order to do what we think is our obligation?  Step back dear ones, for this does not make sense.  If you give up your own happiness to do what you have been taught is the right thing in life, instead of following your gut feelings – how will you ever know what really works for you?  If you give up your happiness to help others – what are you teaching them?  If you give up your own happiness to try to force a different outcome – where is your lesson that helps you move forward in life?  If you give up your happiness for any reason, lesson, responsibility, or for any other person…. Then you have given up your purpose in life, and will never find an outcome that benefits yourself or any other.

You see, you cannot let go of that which makes you happy in order to make another happy.  And this is the only reason you one will ever do that which you think or have been taught is the ‘right’ thing to do.

You see dear one, we are blind if we believe in giving up of the self to assist another, for we all have to experience for ourselves that which we want to change in our lives.  Others cannot change for us, so if you desire to help another – Teach Them By Allowing Them To Experience How You Have Learned What Life Can Be Like To Love Yourself.

Death, No Regrets

Death is a review of life, you know.  When one is faced with their death drawing near, most find peace, for it is a natural part of life.  Some on the other hand, find resistance and fear, for they do not know what is next.  They fear their life on this planet was not used wisely; they find regrets and fight for more time to make changes.

We all get caught up in life and take for granted living, we know.  We sometimes forget how good life can be if we choose to live well.  We fear our lacks and focus on our loss and that then becomes our guidelines of living.  We think things are not possible so we settle for what we know.

Life is workable, achieving great things are possible, change is a choice, so why wait until you are on your death bed to realize this?  Dear ones, we ask that you do not allow your fear to decide your fate, we ask that you take time to live for yourself, take pleasure in your time here, and do that which scares you for when you find yourself at the end of your life, change is difficult.

What Do You Really Want?

You just want to be happy, we know.  But you do not know how to be happy, so that is where the work begins.  We know the word ‘work’ does not please most of you but it is work in a sense that there is time and focus involved to find what is wanted.

We all want the same things in life, good friends, happy family, successful career, financial abundance, good health and to be liked.  We all think these things will make us happy.  But happiness is not achieved in what we have, but what we want.  For our wanting is where our desires lie.

Let’s think about this for a moment, for we know that we all feel something is achieved, we have reached our goals.  This is where the lesson lies, for our happiness is not so much the end result, but the feeling of the possibility of the achievement.

Think about it dear ones, you can have all the money in the world but if you feel lonely inside you are not happy.  You can have the best of friends but if you lack the finances to pay your bills, you are not happy.  You can have it all, what most are asking for but if you are not healthy, you are not happy.  And seriously, we will not ever have it all for our purpose here is to experience life.

This being said, the answer to what you want, lies in the achieving of what makes you happy.  Do not push aside that which makes you happy by using excuses not to experience them.  Do not think you do not have the time or that you have more important responsibilities for Fun Is Important.  Fun is what is wanted.  Everything you want in life has a fun emotion attached to it, you know.

So next time you are deciding what you want, do not limit yourself to what you think you can achieve or what you want that is good for another loved one, do not limit your wants to your financial situation or your schedule.  For wanting and working toward the achieving of your wants is what life is all about, it is by definition what will make you happy.