What is a ‘Little.White.Lie’ Anyway

It has been said that honesty is the best policy, but who follows that?  We all lie, at one time or another we have all told a lie.  We can cover it up calling it a little white lie, a pity lie, tricking or even teasing but in the end it is still a lie.

Others will say they cannot trust someone who lies, but all this means is that they are putting a label on the person they never really trusted in the first place.   For these same people will forgive or cover up lies from others who they want to trust.

The most interesting lie of them all is when you lie to yourselves.  It happens so fast that it is easily (and purposely) forgotten almost immediately.  These lies are the ones in which we hear our inner guidance, but are not ready to change to that outcome, so you tell yourself something to cover it up.

Have you ever had what you call ‘bad luck’ and then you remember hearing that inner voice that directed you differently?  You ignored it or over road it with a statement of logic as to not do it.

So we say, dear ones, next time you point your finger of shame at that liar, remember the other fingers are pointing at you.

Forgive the Person, Forgive the Pain

So you want to heal but you do not want to forgive, and we say this is not possible for it is you who are holding onto the pain by not letting go and forgiving what is not wanted.

To some this does not make sense for why should YOU be the one to forgive, when it is THEM who hurt you?  You have not come to understand that no one, no matter how wrong they were, can hurt you unless you allow them to.  This being said, it is you that has to not allow this pain to continue or not to.  The only way to do this is by forgiving that who has hurt you.

We would like to be clear that in forgiving, you are not accepting that which hurt you, you are letting go of the pain and separating your emotions from the situation.  We are funny how we get mad that we have been hurt without knowing that in the ‘getting mad’ we are fueling the pain.  Anger is Pain, Resentment is Pain, Revenge is Pain, Helplessness is Pain, for these are all Fear Based Emotions.

What the Heart Wants

They say the heart wants what the heart wants…. Why is that?  Why would the heart want that which it cannot have?  We think that we deserve better, we think that we deserve more, we think that we deserve attention but what is it that we accept for ourselves?

What we accept is exactly what we deserve, for it is our choice to have none or to have it all.  We just get confused because we seem to only accept that which is readily available.  We forget the power of acceptance we all have, the power of creating what is wanted.

Step back dear one, and look at what you have accepted into your life and choose all that pleases you.  Release all that causes discomfort for that is what was accepted by default.

“When is the right time?”

Dear one, you ask as if you do not know the answer.  You want it all now and forget that the right time means all falls into place.  To get all you want when you want it would be a disappointment, for then you would forget how to desire and life is all about desires, you know.  So trust that the time is right means you are aligned and able to accept all you ask for.  For only then will you truly enjoy what is asked for and not ask for what needs comforting.

What The Heart Wants…

Sometimes we have been taught to live and/or accept rules to be the truth.  And sometimes in doing so, we will deny our heart what is truly wanted.  We will pray to find the one who we can love for a lifetime, but when we meet the one we will deny them, for they do not follow the rules we have been taught to follow.

We know this of many of you and we ask, how do we answer your prayers when it is you who is denying the one you ask for?  We think we want our loved ones to be a certain way… perfect.  But there is no such person for if there was, we would not love them.  This is hard to understand, but it is the growing in love that makes us fall deep in love.

We find attraction in others, yes this is true, and this is where we start.  The attraction is usually misleading for our wanting of this person will make us see only what we want to see.  This is why so many relationships start off well and eventually end.  So you meet someone you like who likes you… the beginning, and as time goes by you start to notice what is not wanted… the middle, that is followed by accepting the person as he/she is or not accepting… the possible ending.

We say, if you want to find the one who you will spend much time with, it is important to allow what is not perfect and concentrate on what you find attractive, what gives you much feeling in the heart.  If you can allow yourself to do so, then you will allow the one you want to stay in your life.  Dear one, do not forget what you fell in love for in the first place, do not allow what society says to be correct to change your focus of your loved one – for society is not you and you are not here to make the perfect one, just to accept the one who is perfect for you.