So You Are Saying these Obstacles Are My Friends?

You want the money, you want the relationship, you want perfect health, you want success but you don’t want to wait another moment for it all.  You have been working on your life long enough to know how to create what is wanted but yet you find yourself continuously running into obstacles from receiving it and we say NO!  NO!  NO!

The obstacles you are receiving are what you are asking for, for they are your maps to achieving your dreams, you know.  You want the money but what is it dear one that is keeping you from receiving it?  Unless you change your alignment to be open to receive, it will always be there waiting for you but just out of reach.  The obstacles that you believe are in the way of receiving, actually hold the answer to receive.  For you are creating these situations to show you what you have to work through in order to accept what you are wanting.  If you secretly think people with money are bad, then why would you really want the money that would make you bad?  Same with the relationships, if you do not trust people, how would you be able to find someone in a loving relationship that you do not trust?

So next time you find yourself repeating life situations or obstacles that are keeping you from your goals in life, work it through for they are here to help you overcome what is not wanted in order to allow what is wanted.