The Circle of Life

Dear ones, we have been guiding you to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings for this is the direction your life will move toward and most of you understand this and some of you do not but still work on thinking positive and we say this works well for being positive creates more positive moments in life.

Now the confusion sets in when you know how you want to think and believe and you find yourself in life situations that seem to all move toward pain and frustration.  It is easy to forget that by being sad or angry that you are creating more of the same.  When this happens it tends to become more overwhelming for your beliefs are supporting more of the same.  And you do not understand why so many upsetting things tend to all happen at once, and we say dear one, this is your choice.  By choosing to be upset, angry or sad (even though the life situation mirrors these emotions), you are creating more of the same.  The universe works to give you what you believe so if you are not happy with what you are creating, we say change it.

We know this does take much effort on your part for you are not in the mood to ‘be happy’ when life is dishing out such sad events but again, remember it is all about choice.   We ask you to stop, breathe deeply and release your breath slowly… accept the calmness and remember what is good in life.  There is always good in life no matter how sad things are but it is up to you to focus on them.  It could be as simple as a sunny day, a hot shower, a roof over your head or your favorite pair of shoes.  Simple, we know but things that may make you happy.

Understand dear ones, you always have choice and what you choose to focus on is everything.