What Do You Really Want?

You just want to be happy, we know.  But you do not know how to be happy, so that is where the work begins.  We know the word ‘work’ does not please most of you but it is work in a sense that there is time and focus involved to find what is wanted.

We all want the same things in life, good friends, happy family, successful career, financial abundance, good health and to be liked.  We all think these things will make us happy.  But happiness is not achieved in what we have, but what we want.  For our wanting is where our desires lie.

Let’s think about this for a moment, for we know that we all feel something is achieved, we have reached our goals.  This is where the lesson lies, for our happiness is not so much the end result, but the feeling of the possibility of the achievement.

Think about it dear ones, you can have all the money in the world but if you feel lonely inside you are not happy.  You can have the best of friends but if you lack the finances to pay your bills, you are not happy.  You can have it all, what most are asking for but if you are not healthy, you are not happy.  And seriously, we will not ever have it all for our purpose here is to experience life.

This being said, the answer to what you want, lies in the achieving of what makes you happy.  Do not push aside that which makes you happy by using excuses not to experience them.  Do not think you do not have the time or that you have more important responsibilities for Fun Is Important.  Fun is what is wanted.  Everything you want in life has a fun emotion attached to it, you know.

So next time you are deciding what you want, do not limit yourself to what you think you can achieve or what you want that is good for another loved one, do not limit your wants to your financial situation or your schedule.  For wanting and working toward the achieving of your wants is what life is all about, it is by definition what will make you happy.