What is a ‘Little.White.Lie’ Anyway

It has been said that honesty is the best policy, but who follows that?  We all lie, at one time or another we have all told a lie.  We can cover it up calling it a little white lie, a pity lie, tricking or even teasing but in the end it is still a lie.

Others will say they cannot trust someone who lies, but all this means is that they are putting a label on the person they never really trusted in the first place.   For these same people will forgive or cover up lies from others who they want to trust.

The most interesting lie of them all is when you lie to yourselves.  It happens so fast that it is easily (and purposely) forgotten almost immediately.  These lies are the ones in which we hear our inner guidance, but are not ready to change to that outcome, so you tell yourself something to cover it up.

Have you ever had what you call ‘bad luck’ and then you remember hearing that inner voice that directed you differently?  You ignored it or over road it with a statement of logic as to not do it.

So we say, dear ones, next time you point your finger of shame at that liar, remember the other fingers are pointing at you.