What The Heart Wants…

Sometimes we have been taught to live and/or accept rules to be the truth.  And sometimes in doing so, we will deny our heart what is truly wanted.  We will pray to find the one who we can love for a lifetime, but when we meet the one we will deny them, for they do not follow the rules we have been taught to follow.

We know this of many of you and we ask, how do we answer your prayers when it is you who is denying the one you ask for?  We think we want our loved ones to be a certain way… perfect.  But there is no such person for if there was, we would not love them.  This is hard to understand, but it is the growing in love that makes us fall deep in love.

We find attraction in others, yes this is true, and this is where we start.  The attraction is usually misleading for our wanting of this person will make us see only what we want to see.  This is why so many relationships start off well and eventually end.  So you meet someone you like who likes you… the beginning, and as time goes by you start to notice what is not wanted… the middle, that is followed by accepting the person as he/she is or not accepting… the possible ending.

We say, if you want to find the one who you will spend much time with, it is important to allow what is not perfect and concentrate on what you find attractive, what gives you much feeling in the heart.  If you can allow yourself to do so, then you will allow the one you want to stay in your life.  Dear one, do not forget what you fell in love for in the first place, do not allow what society says to be correct to change your focus of your loved one – for society is not you and you are not here to make the perfect one, just to accept the one who is perfect for you.