Why do I fear doing something I know will benefit my life?

Dear one, we do not fear that which we know will benefit our lives, we fear change, we fear what others will think, we fear making mistakes, and we fear trying and not getting the results we want.  This being said, why fear the unknown, for it is the fear that gets in the way of knowing. 

So what if you do not succeed?  Do you feel that is the end?  “I tried, I really did, and it did not work… oh woe is me!”  That is not how it works at all, for when something does not turn out the way you planned, it was given to you to learn from.  You now know what did not work, so you can try the next idea.  You see, it is in the giving up that you lose, for the gift of experience of what works and what does not is why you are here.