You Ask For Guidance, But Forget To Listen To The Answer

We always answer you but at times it seems more comfortable to believe you send out your request for guidance just to let it go, not understanding we want you to know the answer.  Some call it prayers; others know it is guidance for that is what we do.  We never give you answers for you have free will to decide what to do, so we always guide you toward that which serves you. 

When you are in pain, it seems easy to ask, hoping the answer will solve the problem.  But we say there is no answer, only direction.  You can choose to go in the direction of least resistance or you may choose the direction that brings you more incentive for change.  Either way, sooner or later you come to the point in life where it no longer serves you to be in pain and you will pull yourself up to accept the change you feared. 

 Change is scary for it is the unknown that brings fear.  Even when the known is completely painful, the unknown is equally fearful.  Guidance is usually changes and you will do anything not to change that which is broken, for you have mastered working with the broken situations.  The problem is that your inner guidance knows you deserve better than broken life experiences so little by little it become relevant that change is needed.

We are all working together here, you know.  We all want the same for each other and that is to be in alignment with your wants and desires.  This brings happiness, joy, peace, inner love and freedom.  We are all on a journey to achieve these feelings, though many get lost on the way.  Fear not for we always are here for you, whispering in your ear, sending you messages, reminding you of what you really desire in life and that is the achievement of your desires, dear ones.