You Call This Free Will?

What is free will?  You think you can do whatever you want and the results are what you deserve, but we say the results are what you ask for.  Free will is your choice to experience life to decide if this is what is wanted or if there is another direction you want to move toward.

Sometimes life seems difficult, we know, but it is in the difficulty that you realize what you want in life.  Emotion is a good indicator if you are moving in the direction you desire, so pay close attention to your feelings.

When we are happy, we sometimes forget we can create more of these feelings.  We think that is all there is, but we say no – your happiness is your choice.  Then there are times we are sad and we forget these emotion are also a choice.  It seems difficult to change emotions when we are feeling down, but when you can reach for a happier feeling, your sadness will begin to dissolve.

So, this being said – free will is a gift, for it teaches you your wants and desires and it allows you to change them to what you desire to become.