You Cannot Help Someone Who Will Not Help Themselves  

We see you, we hear you, we know you have a big heart and want to use that which you have learned to help others.  We also know that you cannot help someone who will not help themselves.

But you love them so, or you feel sorry for them, or you are trying to cure the wounded inner child you see in this adult in front of you.  If you can just get through to them, say the right thing to catch their attention so you can HELP them!

You see, your love for people keep you from seeing them healed.  This keeps you in the helping mode, giving up of thyself to bring another person up.  This is all so admirable and foolish at the same time, for they cannot hear you, for they are focusing on their issues as someone else’s doing.  And how can you fix something that is out of your control?

If you truly want to help someone, then see them as healed and Walk Away.  Sounds so cold, we know but this is their only chance.  Because we cannot convince someone to change when they are not in a place of change.  Sometimes the others have to bring their life to such pain before they are willing to try something new.  So when you are trying to take away another’s pain, you are just accepting their pain as your own.  Think about how frustrating it is when they don’t listen to you, when they keep doing that which hurts themselves even though you were so clear of the solution.

If you see them as healed, if you are confident they will eventually see the light, then you give them a chance to see themselves the same way.  When you focus on their pain and problems, all they see is the same.

Our greatest advice to you dear one is to teach by example, and be open to seeing your loved one as someone who has to follow their own timing, someone who may need to work through some issues before they figure this one out, but someone who does find happiness.

~ RoseAngel