Being Different According to Others

Our dear ones, we come to you today, to reach out to the society that is treated unfairly.  They blame it on being different, but we ask, ‘Who is the same?’  For we are all individuals, we all think differently, and we all had different life experiences that have made us who we are today. 

So why are some individuals looked down upon by others?  Why do some get treated differently because of the way they look, or talk, or think?  We ask, why are some beings considered ‘better’ than others?  These questions have baffled many for so long, because it has been experienced for so long.

How can something as ugly as prejudice still be alive and active?  The answer is not always easy to accept, for in every situation in life that makes us unhappy, we need to look within.   For the reason prejudice works is because on some level we believe it, otherwise it would not hurt.  And we are not bothered or angered by things we do not believe. 

You can say, ‘We believe it because we see what they have done to others who are like us.’  And this is a valid fact, but a fact fueled by fear.  We say, when you believe in actions which scare you, you cannot see the action which saves you.

Understand you have no control over the ignorant, for they are living their own hell… otherwise they would have no need to believe they are better.  You do have control over your own thoughts and beliefs, your direction and understanding, and your allowance of acceptance or not, of the beliefs society has put on you.

We say, fear not the unknown.  Trust good things happen to you.  Move forward in pride of the person who you are.  For they have no power over those who do not allow them to be heard.

~ RoseAngel