Why do I fear doing something I know will benefit my life?

Dear one, we do not fear that which we know will benefit our lives, we fear change, we fear what others will think, we fear making mistakes, and we fear trying and not getting the results we want.  This being said, why fear the unknown, for it is the fear that gets in the way of knowing. 

So what if you do not succeed?  Do you feel that is the end?  “I tried, I really did, and it did not work… oh woe is me!”  That is not how it works at all, for when something does not turn out the way you planned, it was given to you to learn from.  You now know what did not work, so you can try the next idea.  You see, it is in the giving up that you lose, for the gift of experience of what works and what does not is why you are here.

Death, No Regrets

Death is a review of life, you know.  When one is faced with their death drawing near, most find peace, for it is a natural part of life.  Some on the other hand, find resistance and fear, for they do not know what is next.  They fear their life on this planet was not used wisely; they find regrets and fight for more time to make changes.

We all get caught up in life and take for granted living, we know.  We sometimes forget how good life can be if we choose to live well.  We fear our lacks and focus on our loss and that then becomes our guidelines of living.  We think things are not possible so we settle for what we know.

Life is workable, achieving great things are possible, change is a choice, so why wait until you are on your death bed to realize this?  Dear ones, we ask that you do not allow your fear to decide your fate, we ask that you take time to live for yourself, take pleasure in your time here, and do that which scares you for when you find yourself at the end of your life, change is difficult.

Forgive the Person, Forgive the Pain

So you want to heal but you do not want to forgive, and we say this is not possible for it is you who are holding onto the pain by not letting go and forgiving what is not wanted.

To some this does not make sense for why should YOU be the one to forgive, when it is THEM who hurt you?  You have not come to understand that no one, no matter how wrong they were, can hurt you unless you allow them to.  This being said, it is you that has to not allow this pain to continue or not to.  The only way to do this is by forgiving that who has hurt you.

We would like to be clear that in forgiving, you are not accepting that which hurt you, you are letting go of the pain and separating your emotions from the situation.  We are funny how we get mad that we have been hurt without knowing that in the ‘getting mad’ we are fueling the pain.  Anger is Pain, Resentment is Pain, Revenge is Pain, Helplessness is Pain, for these are all Fear Based Emotions.

It All Makes Sense Now!

Dearest ones, this is the time to ask the questions that you have been wanting to understand.  Life is not as difficult as we make it out to me, you know. For we do create our own destiny and we even create our own pain.

We think we want life to be easy and to be able to have all that is wanted, but if we truly did, we would have it. We make up excuses why we can not achieve that which is wanted and then these excuses give us the permission not to try. Yes, not trying is the greatest reason to stand still in life and that is not what we came here to do.

We say breathe in the chance to fail at something, for without taking the chance, we never know what our potential really is. Now this being said in terms that can be understood, we would like you to hear what life is really all about…

There are no limits, you can achieve anything you set your heart on, yes anything. Do you want more money? Do you want success? Do you want better health? Do you want more friends? These are all choices in life that you can work toward, but usually allow the fear to block achieving them.

So how do we not block our desires? We start by stepping out of our comfort zone. Let us explain, our fears are never our own, for we have inner guidance which knows our strength and abilities. What stops us from believing in ourselves are the inside voices of failure or of making a fool of ourselves. We want you to know, and listen carefully, these voices are of our past experiences. In other words, you were told (usually at a younger age) that you were not good enough to succeed at something. Not having the life experiences to know better, you accepted this belief as truth. Then you spent years reinforcing that belief because…. your fears stopped you before you could ever prove it wrong.

So we say, learn to fail, for there is no such thing as failure, there are only life experiences. And if you are willing to fail, dear one, then you are willing to reach for your desires, because then there would be nothing blocking you. Funny isn’t it, in being willing to fail, you will find your answer to success. We ask only one thing of you; do not believe you will fail. For you will always achieve what is believed. We say, be willing to fail, knowing it will only make you stronger and more knowledgeable for your next step toward success. ~ RoseAngel

Why Do We Judge Others?

So we sit back and look at what we do not like in others and we call this justification ‘for the norm does not act that way’.  We stay in our little world and act as others will approve us to be, and we scold the ones who do not do the same.  We do this sometimes in the name of God, and we say, do not pretend to know God in this way.  Do not think that God judges his/her children for you are not receiving this guidance from God.

Do you not want a God who is all loving?  Do you believe that God offers you free will and then judges you to experience this type of living?  You believe God becomes angry when you do not obey him/her, yet you believe he/she is pleased with your control issues?

We are all individuals; we all came here to experience different lives.  We are all children, learning, loving, becoming ourselves.  We are all loving people, some who have lost their ways.  We are here to find peace within ourselves and as long as we are pointing fingers at those who are different, we will never learn not to point fingers at ourselves. 

For in judging others, we judge ourselves.  For in expecting others to follow the ‘rules’, we expect ourselves to do the same… and who made up these rules anyway?  Certainly not the loving God that you follow.