Why is Life so Difficult?

Life is difficult we know, but this is because you have been misguided in life.  There is always a choice and most will choose what they have been taught by others instead of what they desire. 

Desires are surrounded by fear, fear of the unknown, fear of judgments, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment and fear of making a mistake.  Tell me dear one, what do all these fears have in common?  These fears are based off of other’s opinions of you. 

When you are ready to follow your desires more than you want to please other’s opinions, well then you no longer have anything to lose and life becomes not only easier but more desirable.

Do you know why people are selfish?

Do you know why people are selfish?  Sometimes life is harder for some than others.  They do not know how to deal with feeling that arise so they fill it with “stuff”.  When they use up their stuff, they are forced to feel what is in the void.  This is hard for them, so they hold on to all that they have, trying to fill the void, and trying to stay away from those feelings, you know.

Why am I overweight?

Overweight is different for everyone but the same to everyone is the need for protection.  Protection sounds so serious, we know but it is a very simple concept.  There is something that scares you and instead of facing the fear, you eat the fear away.  This is why you call weight gaining food “comfort foods”.  Truly, many can eat the comfort foods and not gain weight.  This is because they are not using this food as a crutch.  They do not abuse the food and eat it out of content. 

So, how do you catch this fear before it is eaten away?  Usually when the mind set that losing weight is the most important mission to accomplish.  Now you are noticing that the urge to overeat is there before you eat away the feeling.  Now the fear is relevant and emotions surface.  This is when you either learn to love yourself (for the fears are usually based off of lack of love and disapproving the self) or you return to your old eating habits.

What is Meditation and Why Meditate?

Meditation is the calming of the scattered thoughts that get in the way of hearing your inner guidance.  Meditation is the relaxing of the body by deep, slow breathing and the concentration of what is.  Meditation is the ability to relax to the point of total acceptance of allowing that which flows through you to be heard.

Some feel meditation is your connection to your Higher Energy; we say meditation is the resistance of separation from your Higher Energy.

Dress comfortably, sit up and relax in a quiet area, close your eyes, take a slow, deep breath through your nose, hold it for just a second and release it slowly through your mouth.  Listen to your breathing.  Concentrate on your breaths.  Do this with the intention of surrendering and releasing that which does not serve you.  Do this for 15 minutes a day and you will heighten your connection to yourself as well as to your Higher Energy.

Body, Mind Connection

The body can heal itself of any situation it can get itself into.  It can heal cuts, scrapes, broken bones which are things that are easily accepted, we know.  But it can also heal itself of diseases, even those that modern medicine can not, this is much harder for some to accept. 

The body, mind combination has no limits, you know.  It can create beyond belief.  In other words, this body, mind ability is what some call miracles.  We love that word – miracles, meaning something some can not believe is possible but has happened so it must be categorized by “God Himself” going out of His way to make this exception and create some solution that would have been  impossible by man himself.  This is easier to believe than we all have the ability to change what is not wanted.