I Was Blind But Now I See

We ask for guidance pretending that we do not have infinite guidance within ourselves.  We pray for answers but we already know the answer we are avoiding.  We cry for help but deny ourselves relief for we do not want to do what we know is that which we ask for.

Dear ones, life is an experience and sometimes we suffer unnecessarily for we want to learn that which guides us to the peace that we so want to create.  Why would we do that?  Why would we choose pain over peace?  Why do we want that which brings us suffering when we can easily choose joy?

Some call it being lost, others call it depression or bad luck.  Whatever you choose to call it, we want you to know it is all guidance.  Once you are experiencing pain, we would categorize it as very strong guidance for this only happens when you have ignored the subtle guiding.

So why would guidance hurt so?  You choose to ignore the signs and since you are always moving toward eternal growth, well… the signs become stronger and if necessary, more painful to get your attention, you know.

If you find yourself sad, lost or depressed, you are being guided to change your focus.  For what you are thinking is bringing you pain, then it does not serve you.  Your pain is always focus in the past, which you cannot change or focus in the future, which has not happened and may not ever happen.  Live in the present, focus on the good in your life, see what pleases you and do not give your attention to something that brings you pain or fear, for that leads you away from eternal growth.