Is This Relationship Right For Me?

The heart is a strong emotion, for it does not know distance nor prejudice.  Sometimes you will meet others who you are attracted to, but ideally do not bring you the right circumstances.  We add fear to the relationship and worry of its future existence and then you wonder why you have put yourself in this situation.

There are even times that you wish you could go back and not have ever met, but what would that accomplish?  For even if you create a relationship with a future that brings you pain, you will grow and learn from the experiences you have come upon.   No one thinks they want pain, but the act of hurting is a great teacher.

We want you to know that every meeting, be it an ongoing relationship or just a passing between two souls, is not by chance.  Everyone who comes into your existence, came there with your permission (yes even those who have hurt you).

If you are in a relationship that you do not understand, accept it for what it is.  If it feels good, if it brings you joy in the moment, if you look forward to more time together… then do it.  For your fear of the future is only what you create it to be.

Be free, allow that which brings you joy, experience that which makes you happy and do not live life in fear of what the future brings, for it is in the present that life is enjoyed, it is in the present that life can be experienced and it is in the present that life has the power of creation.