Why Worry?

We find ourselves in a fearful situation and our first reaction is to worry, and we ask why worry about the unknown?  And why worry about that which you can not change?  The reason we worry is because life has taken us on to a directions which we are not comfortable in and we think it is just going to become worse.  This is where we disagree, you know for you can choose to change it.

Why believe something you do not know, is going to become worse?  Why believe anything other than figuring out how to feel better?  There are choices in everything you do, why choose failure?

What we focus on is the direction we will head, it is inevitable you know.  What you think about is what is to come, for we see nothing else.  We say focus on the possibilities that pleases you not that which worries you.  For you will find a way to change your circumstance rather it be for the worse or the better.  It is always your choice.